ARMIS ITS at Shaping the Future of Mobility

The event brings together several experts in different sessions to talk about the future of mobility

ARMIS is Gold Sponsor of Porto Tech Hub Conference 2021

The largest technology conference in Porto is back and ARMIS is one of its Gold Sponsors.

ARMIS is among the 50 Best Companies to Work For

For the third time in a row, ARMIS is elected one of the best companies to work for in Portugal

New App CGD France: Innovation and digitalization in the financial industry

With support from ARMIS FT, the mobile application has been renewed with the aim of ensuring a good user experience, security, and practicality.

ARMIS is present in one of the largest recruitment events in Engineering

Held annually for over 20 years, FEUP Career promotes a rich interaction between academic institution, market, and newly graduated professionals.

App Escoita was elected as the best TIC project with Social Benefits in 2021

The app allows blind people to feel the energy of their team's matches

New APP REDUNIQ developed by ARMIS FT supports entrepreneurs in business management

Tailored for REDUNIQ, the application "Customer Area" allows flexibility, simplicity, and organization in business management.

ARMIS ITS at the world's largest event on Intelligent Mobility

With the theme "Experience Future Mobility Now" ITS Congress 2021 gathered almost 14000 participants.


BIN@PORTO 2021 brings society, circularity, health and well-being as pillars for human-centered innovation

ARMIS participates in the 1st edition of the Mentor4Good Program

We join efforts to transform the lives of young university students in Portugal

ARMIS DS at the World Football Summit in Madrid

In its 5th edition, the event brought together key figures in the world of sports and soccer, including executives and athletes from the sports industry.

ARMIS presents the 'Microsoft Discover: Security (Identity)' Workshop

Understand how new work models have brought new challenges to organizations.

ARMIS ITS assumes the Direction of the ITS Portugal Association

To promote the digitalization of transports in favor of decarbonization and to ensure the organization of the 2023 edition of the ITS Congress, Pedro Barradas, on behalf of ARMIS Intelligent Transport Systems, assumes the direction of ITS Portugal for the triennium 2021-2023.

ARMIS attends the DEI - ISEP Best Student Awards ceremony

Yesterday, September 15, was held the ceremony of presentation of awards and diplomas of merit to the best students of the students of the Masters and Degree in Informatics Engineering of ISEP.

ARMIS is FEUP Prime Affiliate

The program launched in 2019, once again distinguishes ARMIS with this certificate.

ARMIS awarded with the COTEC 2021 Innovative Status

ARMIS was distinguished with the COTEC 2021 Innovative Status by COTEC Portugal. A public recognition of Portuguese companies that, due to their high performance in innovation and notoriety, are an example of value creation at a national level.

The Role of Collaborative Technology in a Modern Workplace

New work models increasingly demand agility, integration, and collaboration among teams. Discover now the power of technology and collaborative tools.

European Cybersecurity Month: Discover the resources that enhance organizations' security

Access our cybersecurity resources and tips from the ARMIS IT experts.

Teams as a Platform - Integration with Power Platform

With more than 75 million daily active users and new hybrid working models, companies and their employees have already become familiar with the power of Microsoft Teams.

Governance in Microsoft Power Platform

As more organizations use Power Platform resources, governance is a key aspect that administrators and managers need to plan before the use of these tools becomes out of control.

How does Machine Learning leverage Fraud Detection?

Through the combination of supervised and unsupervised methods, Machine Learning can learn and recognize new patterns that other approaches to fraud management may miss.

From authentication to passwordless: Here is the Future of Identity

From the increasing duality between the rigidity of security systems and the provision of a good user experience emerge trends in identity management that dictate the future of digitalization.

Server-focused security: a checklist for secure information

Exploitation of flaws has become more frequent and, therefore, it is necessary to ensure data protection on all fronts.

The Power of Identity and Access Management for Corporate Information Security

Discover the power of Identity and Access Management and its importance for the protection of devices, information and employee identity.

Create automated Career Plans according to each employee's profile

Skillab is an intelligent tool that not only contributes to increasing the productivity of teams but also helps in the talent retention process.

Are the companies' systems prepared for teleworking?

If most of these organizations are closely following the digital transformation, why do they still offer resistance to a decentralized work regime?

The new reality of the return to the office

After several weeks in confinement, and although a large part of the organizations are still teleworking, it is time for them to prepare the return of their employees to their offices.

Is it possible to design a good user experience without neglecting security?

Is it possible to implement security without compromising good user experience on corporate tools?

Mobility 2.0 meters

The introduction of a new and unknown dimension of analysis in the business models of mobility and transport - social distance - has been put into practice following the recommendations of the WHO and the General Directions of Health.

Secure Work by Design - Boosting Safety by Default

The obligation to adapt to a decentralized working system has led organizations to switch to digital in a sudden and poorly prepared way.

How to implement a "Secure Work by Design" strategy

With a Secure Work by Design approach, any organization can make their systems more resilient and reliable through security tools that are planned and tailored to their needs.

Thinking About the Future in the Financial Sector

Economic restructuring is still fraught with uncertainty and the truth is that we have never had the need to "unplug" the world and the economy like we have this time.