Full service operation and maintenance of your IT services

OZONO, through its operations centre, provides its customers with a complete service that guarantees the correct functioning of its IT services, with high levels of availability and reduced costs.  


After the implementation and the deployment of its IT services/projects, customers are confronted every day with difficulties in ensuring the availability of the service and the need for evolution. Through this offer, OZONO guarantees the entire life cycle process of an IT service after its development, from the deployment, testing, monitoring, 24x7 support and maintenance, remotely or locally at the customer's premises.


We support the operation of multiple services, such as: infrastructures (On-premises or cloud), basic products to support applications (DB, App, Middleware, Web server, etc), business support applications, security, etc.


We Identify and integrate all processes that can be included in the operations center

Remotely or at your premises, we operate with high levels of quality.

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